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Fakeidman and contributors offer good standing fake id websites a posted review that is open for customer comments, questions, and genuine reviews. Fakeidman receives thousands of unique visitors a month. We will supply current and historical detailed screenshots of traffic prior to an id maker applying for a review.

All reviews are paid and is is how Fakeidman pays the bills to bring readers the unbiased truth with stringent restrictions for the reviewed fake id makers.

For a nominal yearly fee paid in Bitcoin Fakeidman will write a fake id website review requiring a secured chat via Jabber or Wickr with the owner or partner who can answer questions. Please contact us for yearly due fees and to proceed further with applying if you meet the criteria below.

Minimum requirements to be a featured reviewed fake id maker website are:

  • Making fake ids online for over a year

This time period of at least a year of operation should have yielded enough sales to verify legitimacy. Fakeidman conducts a deep search via social media. Part of the search includes reaching out to popular social media contacts. All contacts have thousands of real followers that include a large portion in the 17-20 age range.

Upon confirmed good reviews we may ask of you the id maker to make some comped ids (5-10). The cards would go solely to the social media contacts to give to friends or resell. Would act as compensation for the time spent asking their followers and acquiring the review of quality and experience of ordering from you. Reviewers will not be aware their review will be used for making a decision for a website review placement. The reasoning for this is that it will keep the review as unbiased as it can be for Fakeidman to read.

Fakeidman does consult with several trusted online fake id related sites when conducting research. Likewise, understanding the plethora of id maker owned biased fake id review websites are never even looked at. Also, excluded are websites allowing anonymous reviewers such as “complaint boards”. Fakeidman knows they are extortion rackets shaking down smaller online businesses to pay for incorrect or fraudulent reviews to be considered for removal. We detest such sites as parasites that have harmed or ruined thousands of small businesses by mindless readers who do not know their true operational purpose.

  • Fake ids include working scannable magnetic strip and/or barcodes

Fakeidman will ask for 2 different state ids made by you. They will be tested by the cardholders at numerous locations from entering bars that use scanners to different establishments that sell alcohol. Our cardholders will be truly over the age of 21 and provide flawless cardholder images. This will remove any issue of detection as fake due to the cardholder’s image.┬áBy using cardholders who are 21-23 years of age and truly over 21 they have extensive experience using fake ids in the past. Rendering any detection of the ids you make as fake due to the actions of the cardholder.

The goal is to remove the common issues that can lead to a customer losing their fake id due to mistakes made by the card holder. Ids you make are not required to be passable instate, but of course out of state cards most work or the ids are effectively useless. Please make clear which is the case prior to Fakeidman ordering the 2 test cards, so we may order accordingly.

  • Replicate all security features found on the real issued card

Ids you make should include all security features found on a real card. When they do not this should be clearly disclosed on your website. You should have at least two cards that include all features that can be tested.

In summary the reason we seek out genuine past customer reviews and ask for test cards is to avoid any deception. An id maker can offer a variety of cards for sale as an example, but only a few are of quality that will pass most any normal scrutiny. Fakeidman wants to give a true and complete overall review which can only be done when knowing the quality of the cards made for sale.

Our Commitment To Reviewed Fake ID Websites

Fakeidman.net does allow questions and genuine reviews in the comments area on each fake id maker websites review page. As an active reseller for several id makers Fakeidman has a decent working understanding of this area of business. Fakeidman will reply to any general questions on the websites behalf. Notably due to overwhelmingly neglecting to not read the id makers website where answered. All posts are held for moderation to keep a clean and prevent abuse. Other id makers advertisements or mentions of are not allowed in your websites comments section.

Also, not allowed are baseless and blatant false claims about your service or cards. Fakeidman is not an arbitrator service, but will take notice of more than one credible complaint submitted. Fakeidman will make contact with the customer and try to obtain proof or more details to substantiate any complaint. Without a reply the held complaint will be deleted. When a reply is received Fakeidman will take into consideration all information. Realizing customers are impatient and id makers are busy to overwhelmed at times we will try to advise the exercising of patience, if it is appropriate.

Based on Fakeidman’s experience you will only be contacted with a complaint(s) when it is clear their is an issue. When made right the held complaints will be deleted. When it is clear the id maker is ignoring complaints and our attempted contacts. Fakeidman will place a clear overlay warning over the website screenshot, star rating dropped, and a further warning to not order from the website for the duration the id makers website remains online.

Fakeidman will not accept payment to ignore complaints. Asking to do so will automatically result in termination of our fake id website review service and permanent warning for the duration the id makers website remains online.

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