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Fakeidman and contributes offer good standing fake id websites a posted review that is open for customer posted review experiences and questions. Realizing many believable fake id review sites owned by the ID makers exist is beyond wrong. Fakeidman hopes after a customer is duped by one they find this site and get a good fake. When lucky find this site first and tell others to use as their trusted source for the best ID makers online.

For a nominal yearly fee Fakeidman will write a review based on your website and IDs made as detailed below. Fakeidman will also update adding to your review based on a consensus of reviews. Such as credible reviews that the cards always pass instate, etc.

You are required to make 2 different fake ids using a famous cardholder face and details I provide. Emailing pictures (video preferred) front and back. Also include pictures (if on the real issued) under blacklight, perforated design glow, clear view of raised tactile text, microprint under magnification, proof the card scans. Again, video preferred and everyone now has a smartphone capable of doing this. Screenshots of the cardholder data after card is scanned is acceptable. Please show the device used in the image for scanning.

Fakeidman approves customer reviews or comments before they go live for paid reviews. Not allowed are baseless and blatant false claims about your service or cards. Fakeidman is not an arbitrator service, but will take notice of more than one credible complaint submitted. Fakeidman will make contact with the customer and try to obtain proof to substantiate any complaint. When ignored the complaint will be deleted and not approved to go live. When replied to Fakeidman will take into consideration everything provided. Realizing customers are impatient and ID makers are busy to overwhelmed we will try to bring reason to the reviewer, if it is appropriate.

Based on Fakeidman’s experience you will only be contacted with a complaint(s) when it is clear their is an issue. When made right the complaints will not be posted. When it is clear they are being ignored and/or more complaints are submitted Fakeidman will change the review from positive to a negative. Fakeidman is aware of “exit scams” when sites go from good to bad for whatever reason. Fakeidman will try to warn customers from ordering when this appears to be the case. Fakeidman will not accept payment to ignore complaints. Asking to do so will automatically result in alerting visitors to fakidman.net

Do a good job staying consistent and your reviews will grow as will your sales. Contact Fakeidman for payment details and get your site listed.