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CHFake: The Best Fake ID Card Provider

CHFake claims that it makes the best fake ID cards and replicates all the details so well that the card can be easily verified and scanned. CHFake has a professional team of designers who are well-experienced and proficient at designing quality fake ID cards.

The website offers a very large collection of fake IDs which are high quality and look identical to the original ones. From fake ID templates to fake ID cards with tactile DOB, the website offers everything that you need to order for online verification processes. The security details are replicated accurately and thus, the fake ID cards are extremely similar to the original ones.

Types of Fake IDs Offered by the Website

CHFake specializes in designing fake ID cards and has a team of dedicated people who design such cards with attention. The fake IDs designed are flawless and perfect for online verification and other uses. Following are some of the fake ID services the website provides:

Close-Up CHFake Fake ID

The website invites visitors to view their fake ID images and videos so that they have an idea of the quality being provided. The close-up fake IDs offered by this website are replicated to perfection and look 100% original. These fake IDs are precisely scannable because of the high-quality equipment used in designing them.

CHFake Fake ID Templates

The Arizona fake ID created by this website is very famous and is proof that this website offers flawless and close-to-original IDs. Its fake IDs are very accurate and designed with laser perforation in the shape of the state. All the symbols and logos are precisely cloned, and there are scannable magnetic stripes and barcodes too.

CHFake Texas Fake ID

The CHFake Texas Fake ID is another popular fake ID that is completely fake but looks very original. It is printed on Teslin and is encoded and scannable with 1D and 2D barcodes and magnetic stripes. This fake ID will easily pass in-state inspection like other fake IDs offered by CHFake and, thus, is ideal for online verification. The license number is an 8-digit code, and the fake ID expires in 6 years according to the DOB you have entered in the form.

How to Buy Fake ID Cards from CHFake?

CHFake offers an order form to the customers to order fake IDs. American customers can use Amazon gift cards to pay, while customers from Canada, Australia, EU, UK, and other countries can use Steam codes as well. There are various shipping packages offered by the website, and your order arrives 10 days after you have placed the order. You can choose express shipping for faster delivery if you need your fake ID urgently. You can also benefit from the discounts and fake ID sales and buy the cards at a very low price. You have to submit a separate form for each fake ID and then you are given a verification link to proceed.

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  1. Hi,
    to make it short. I purchased Alabama fake id from few months ago. I happen to read review before i actually went for the purchase…. As I am very skeptical about holograms overlay & UV ink i had to read their instructions & features on what they offer. The ID came in 2 days late which is ok considering fake id vendors can delay for weeks but in this case 2 days was not even pissing me off at any point. So the ID looked genuine i went into a in-state bar & the bouncer did not have a second look at the ID…. the ID will scan flawless… i will just make it short gets you a perfectly cloned fake id

  2. I placed my order today for a fake UK drivers license i am hoping to get soon… I will post a review later about the features but must admire the way everything went smoothly they provide great instructions on how to fill their order forms.

  3. I got my chfake New Jersey fake license today came with a free duplicate and has some of the most authentic features of a genuine ID card.

    Photoshop: (9 out of 10) Usually skeptic about this because most vendors will make a perfect card but the background of the photo or the image itself is distorted if this is not properly edited no matter how good your id is it will be caught.
    So they made a good job at photoshop and then edited the background and replaced it with a blueish one for NJ licenses.

    UV: ( 8.5 out of 10) The UV Ink used for printing this card was of top quality. You can not ask for a more advanced UV fake id than this.

    Holograms: (8 out of 10) State seals and every other hologram is visible when viewed at an angle. This card is printed on Teslin it is not ordinary, the quality can match and fool some one for a genuine ID.

    (8 out of 10) It comes with bar codes and the magnetic stripe we checked into one club here and it passed in-state to test it out of state will require some time but in my opinion should have a better pass result ratio than the rest of the vendors.

    Images: new-jersey-fake-id

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