Fakeidsxpress.com Free Fake ID Templates Review

Fakeidsxpress.com Free Fake ID Templates Review
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FakeIDsXpress: Download all US States Fake ID Templates Free

FakeIDsXpress.com is a new popular website offering PSD form templates of almost all US States. The templates not only come with front & back files but it also comes with a bar code generator & laminated holograms. There are many crap sites popping up in search engine results right now claiming to be providing people with templates of Drivers license & Identification cards. Most of them are looking for that easy money to scam & rip people online.

This website was personally tested by our team. It fulfills your request to download any template for a simple Google+ share. We were astonished to see such great content resource sharing website in this niche, Which in our opinion is very rare.

What kind of fake id templates do they offer?

That is one of the most frequently asked question. When we first came to visit this website it was very promising & to be honest too good to be true. We thought it was just some kiddie website wanting attention. But that was not the case, our team tested it for an old Connecticut state fake ID template. We got the files in a matter of seconds. The files were for a fake drivers license, as we all know the demand for a Connecticut state driver license is huge in terms of alcohol industry. The template had a free bar code generator & Both 1D & 2D codes were Scannable.

States they offer

There were some concerns in our team regarding their new templates. The newer version of Colorado Fake Identification cards & Illinois fake license is recently out in the market. To perfect these is not an easy job, hence our team decided to try one of these. The Quality of Colorado fake was perfect. The holograms were perfectly overlay & the bar codes were realistically cloned to perfect a precise replication.

Quality of the templates

To not appreciate such free resource available will be giving bad reputation to a high quality fake id resource website for no apparent reason. The templates that we downloaded from their website had everything indeed. From state seals to invisible holograms, Magnetic stripe, 1D & 2D bar codes not to mention some of the templates have invisible ghost image functionality it comes specifically with a new template like Colorado. You can not print a novelty ID of Colorado unless you have this feature in your template.

Wisconsin’s new ID template was one of the best and reviewed by us as one of the best fake id card templates available on the website. California’s template was not up to the mark as it lacked the bear image in the background.


How to Download these templates?

FakeIDsXpress makes it simple to get any of their templates. When you click on any of the templates or open it’s specific page. It gives you instructions to share their page on your Google+, Twitter or Facebook page. Once you’ve done that you have to fill their form along with the shared page about them. It will take them not more than a few days to get you the required files for the template you’ve requested inside your inbox.

Most people make the mistake of using Yahoo or Hotmail e-mail(s) while filling their download form. If you do that then you must know that the e-mail is likely to miss your inbox folder & will pop up inside your Spam folder.


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