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Today we review another fake id that hit the post box of one of our members. Ordered on Thursday the 27th of April 2018 with Express delivering, it arrived within 5 days given that we used international shipping. This bit of identification card was wrapped in a unique packaging.
Note that we purchased a similar Illinois state drivers license using two different companies, for example, Kingoffakes and Idhurry yet both ended up being con artists. We requested an Illinois ID card from another seller named ‘fakeyourid’ however the card was exceptionally ordinary. You could tell that it was a fake license by simply frowning at it. Moreover, their packaging was very obvious & not properly enveloped.

Quest for a Genuine looking Illinois License:

Moving on to the next phase, we chose to attempt another novelty id vendor. It is essential to specify that the greater part of our blog members is bad aficionados of conventional ID sellers that have been around for quite a while. Reason being, their low-quality ID cards which as opposed to getting you into a drinking bar will ask for the unwanted inconvenience. Getting you caught with a fake id can have some serious consequences that are the real motivation behind why we don’t need you to trade off on quality and encourage you to use an extremely authentic looking Identification license.  Searching for a quality license we caught wind of regularly alluded to as ‘GFI’ in campuses & schools where fake licenses are for the most part being used. We decided to order from them yet read a few reviews that worried us before we could place our order with them. Fake ID Maker:

A very well-known top rated review that comes first on google about ‘GreatFakeID’ is that of an individual named ‘Dan Chambers’ posted on This individual has composed an article which wasn’t persuading asserting that he allegedly got ripped off. Our group decided to contact ‘GFI’ otherwise known as ‘‘ in such manner and they answered to us clarifying their perspective. The clarification was that this individual was declined to be offered a fake id because he needed to arrange it for purpose of the criminal activity and that is the reason he undermined to compose an article against them and did as such too.
Proceeding onward we read some other precise & well-balanced reviews about this vendor. The website also provided the new sample photos with their first and last name being the domain’s name itself. We decided to put in an order with them for the Illinois state id card.  It was very convenient to have used their Express shipping option & the ID card arrived wrapped in a box that said ‘Grasco Traders’ delineating it as a stock exchanging documentation which is generally classified and no one will attempt to open or read such paper. Upon the arrival, we said ‘Hello’ to Lincoln.

Security Features:

  • This card was printed on a scale of very high-level material. It was evident from the edges and the bend test that the card will not have a crease upon bending.
  • Laser perforation in shape of Illinois could be seen flawlessly duplicated when viewed under light.
  • State seal & Lincoln’s portrait was very accurate.
  • The ghost image of the front but also viewable under UltraViolet light alongside Date of Birth. This feature is rarely available on ID cards other than this particular one.
  • Invisible multi-dimensional images are up to the task.
  • Scanning results were extremely ideal and hence we rate this ID 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Illinios Scannable Fake ID


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