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GreatFakeID Accurate Scannable Fake ID Cards

GreatFakeID provides scannable ID cards that you can use for online verification, bars, and nightclubs. The website offers a wide option of in-state passing fake IDs at an affordable price. The good thing is that you do not have to wait for months to obtain a fake ID with this website.

Reliable fake id maker of new style US driver licenses and has many positive customer reviews. All ID cards are scannable with encoded barcodes and/or magnetic strip.

Why Choose GreatFakeID?

GreatFakeID is now getting increasingly popular because of the premium cards they make. The ID cards offered by this website feature all security features. Including laser burned images, tactile signatures and card holder data, microprint, perforated designs, and the list goes on.


GreatFakeID offers reliable and high-quality fake cards and is constantly designing new cards to offer. The company does not use out dated templates and only offers the newest design with real id star when it is available on the real issued. GreatFakeID puts forth the effort to ensure their customer orders arrive with stealth hiding techniques that is not stopped by Customs.

Premium Quality Printing

The fake ID cards offered by this company are designed using high-quality laser card printers noting they do use polycarbonate for their fakes when real issued uses this card material. ID cards have identical to real holograms, see through windows, use of optical variable ink, and more. Ghost windows to wave text are unquestionable as is the microprint from the card design to printing over card holder images.

Good Customer Support

GreatFakeID is one of the best at answering questions in a timely manner. Fakeidman tests on a regular basis fake id websites and GreatFakeID always responds in 24 hours. Realizing ID makers are not huge companies and staff are limited for good reasons, such as workers you can trust. Many can not make customer emails a priority, but they do. The company wants to deliver the best experience to their customers with their quality ids and customer support.

How to Buy from GreatFakeID?

GreatFakeID offers fake ID cards to only American and Canadian residents. They do not set limits on age, so those over 21 can order. The company offers 40 states from California to New York at the time of this review. Ordering is made easy with their order form and customer safe payment options. When you read Fakeidman reviews you know this is an important issue to me because Western Union and MoneyGram are both US based companies that work everyday with law enforcement. ID makers might be safe from US jurisdiction, but US customers are not. Plain wrong for ID makers to use this payment option it shows they do not care about customer safety putting profit above them. I get emails from customers who are clueless about the law thinking fake id is legal to buy, if true there would be a kiosk in every mall in the USA selling them. Fakeidman links to some other long running review sites that discuss this issue and provide links to busts of buyers. When you think for a second about paying this way you should read what can and does happen.


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