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GreatFakeID: Get an Accurate Fake ID Card

GreatFakeID provides scannable ID cards that you can use for online verification and other purposes. The website offers a wide option of in-state fake IDs at an affordable price. The good thing is that you do not have to wait for months to obtain a fake ID with this website.

It is a new vendor in the US and has many positive customer reviews. Its fake licenses are easily scannable and accepted for various online verification processes. There are also good comments and reviews for its discount and customer support.

Why Choose GreatFakeID?

GreatFakeID is now getting increasingly popular because of the services it provides. It makes fake IDs from scratch, so there is nothing that can make the card unable to be scanned. The fake ID cards offered by this website feature an engraved signature, DOB at the back, and a tactile DOB on the image. Following are the factors that set GreatFakeID apart from other fake ID providers:


Though GreatFakeID is new in the industry, it offers reliable and high-quality fake cards and is constantly improving the quality of its cards. The company does not copy any existing fake cards and creates unique and well-designed ones. The designs are updated regularly so that the online verification processes do not detect the fakeness.

Premium Quality Printing

The fake ID cards offered by this company are designed using high-quality equipment. Its cards have holograms that are encoded with data and magnetic stripes. Some fake ID cards also contain transparent signature printing. The use of holographic overlay does not add to the cost. In fact, these ID cards are very reasonable as compared to other websites that offer fake ID cards.

Continuous Testing

GreatFakeID is continuously testing and evaluating the nature and design of its fake ID cards and is working on improving their quality. The company offers good customer support and listens to the customers’ queries so that people can get the best experience of ordering fake IDs. The company wants to deliver the best quality to its customers and for this purpose, it always considers the feedback of its customers.

How to Buy from GreatFakeID?

GreatFakeID offers fake ID cards to only US residents. The company offers its services to 40 states which include Alabama, Alaska, Illinois, California, Colorado, West Virginia, New York, and Florida. The ordering process offered by this website is very simple, and you do not have to go through any lengthy process.

Although GreatFakeID is a new service provider, it has gained a lot of popularity because of the easy payment options offered. The price of the fake ID card will depend on the number of ID cards you order. Ordering just two to three fake ID cards can be expensive, so we recommend ordering around 5 to 10 cards at a very affordable rate from this website.

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18 thoughts on “ Review

  1. I personally had the chance to purchase a fake id from greatfakeid. I received my id in 5 days which is one of the fastest turn around time considering most id sellers promise a week or two to get your fake at your doorstep but oh well… they never turn out to be as true as they false advertise… I purchased a new jersey license it came with round edges and was printed on teslin one of the best i have encountered and so far hasn’t faded and i have been swiping it at our nearby bar for like 2 months so far

  2. To keep it short, greatfakeid aka GFI sent me my fake in 4 days. Not to mention they started producing new ID cards recently. I had to go through Mississippi, Connecticut, Illinois & Colorado new templates Maryland as well but I choose a new Colorado Drivers license for myself.
    Following points will make it up for GFI as a good vendor above the rest

    Compact Pricing & Order system
    Express shipping for those who want a quick delivery at a higher price
    Features such as improved & precise laser engraved printing for specific Security features (not seen on any other vendors ids)
    Ghost image on the back of Colorado ID visible under UV light was spot on offers you new templates which recently got updated with real ID act
    Some unique Features such as micro printing which is very difficult to perfect was replicated and illustrated in a professional way on my id card

    I would suggest anyone looking for a real fake drivers license to order from them

  3. Purchased a fake california drivers license & received it within a week paid for express shipping. The ID Scans Swipes & let’s me drink at a local bar anytime i want Great SERVICE! keep it up

  4. took them 4 days to get me my maryland novelty id. this was much needed for my birthday i can’t thank you guys enough for it they also sent me a discount code for my next order! thanks GFI!

  5. unwrapped my box today! i thought it wouldn’t miss my parents and i really don’t care because my parents know i use fakes but trust me these guys use some of the best enveloping techniques to bypass customs & your parents at home nobody is going to believe the box has a fake id card in it! by far the best fake id maker in the market
    here’s a preview of my ohio fake id

    ohio fake id

      1. while ordering mine they told me to leave those fields empty and let their systems generate random ones. so i guess you leave those empty unless you want a custom license number or such

  6. I ordered my id 14-04-2018 and paid express shipping, they handled my order with a tracking number within a couple of days and I received my ID card today here’s a view of it.

    maine fake id

    I would rate these guys as one of the best fake id makers.

      1. when i ordered mine the background was dull and not blue or white they will edit using photoshop so you shouldn’t worry about background just follow their instructions for a simple photo.

      2. i used a back ground photo with a store behind it they cut out the store and put a blue background don’t know how but it works you can use any photo as long as you don’t laugh like a stupid noob in your photo or have your jaws open know what i mean…

  7. The new Massachusetts template is very cool I had the chance to order one review copy of them with a discount code as most id vendors do not provide the same quality in discounted ids as they do in normal pricing but they do not care about that which is what I like about them.
    The ID scans flawless in the state currently i am in, it is one of the best scannable new drivers license that i have ever encountered the bouncer did not even take a second look at it the card when dropped has a crisp sound like a CD and it has a real feeling when you hold it in your hands.
    Thanks for this service I can vouch for this vendor

  8. Ok, So today we received two fakes as a part of group order placed with the vendor. They started issuing new Florida template a few months ago but this seller is new in the fake id market so we were not sure whether to go for it or not, luckily we read some reviews about them and then proceeded to negotiate a group order price. We placed this order a week ago or so, and the ID cards arrived yesterday.

    I personally like the kind of effort that the vendor has put into crafting these. Each and every minute detail has been accurately replicated because the new template has no space for flaws and we even discussed that with the vendor before placing an order that if the ID fails to pass the tests that they advertise then we will demand a refund.

    Anyway, I will review these IDs with the following specifications.

    Communication: It has been a real surprise. This is one of those ID sellers with a decent English speaking staff & expect a reply in a few hours if you open a support ticket with them.
    Template: One of the most identically designed templates of a real new Florida License. By holding this card in your hands, you will notice that it feels so real. If you slide your fingers on the front you can clearly notice the blotch on the surface that you can experience with a real card. The edges were great & you can notice the perfection. The crunchy feeling of this card makes it very appalling.
    UV: This is flawless and not visible. I ordered FL from IDg0d a few months ago and the problem with theirs was that the UV was clearly visible where it shouldn’t be. This will fail to pass instate and that is why LegitFakeID makes it clear that their UV is not visible but is present.
    Holograms: The OVI around the person’s head is present & the rest of the grams are in great shape.
    Signature: The frizzy signature makes it cool they asked me to write mine with a black bold pen on the piece of paper and then we uploaded each signature on their order form.
    Scanning: Does it Swipe? YES!, and Does it Scan? Absolutely YES!
    Conclusion: This is by far one of the best Fake ID cards I have ever witnessed in my entire life. The features are crazy. No doubt, the pricing for’s fakes is high but you have to look at the quality of these not at the pricing.

  9. I am in need of some feedback from previous buyers. I am planing to submit my order for a group. Before I submit my order I had submitted a question I had and they responded within a few hours suggesting to go in-state with the new CA. I am still confused as to whether the new California id scans in-state or is it a good option for other states? If anyone could give me some advice that would be appreciated!

  10. They are now offering the new California license, but I am not sure which one to use for in-state in CA whether go for the new CA or should I try the new CT? please advise, thanks.

    1. Go for the newer one. IT scans in-state too while the older versions may scan out of state but not sure about inside and do ask them for a group discount code if you are ordering for a group their pricing is high but the ids are well worth it.

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