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IDHurry: A scam artist disreputing legit fake id vendors

After getting numerous requests & reports we decided to give it a shot to try & analyze,  A fake id vendor to good to be true. We decided to place an order for one of our team members who live in the state of Arizona to place an order.

As Joshua reports: “The very moment I opened their website, I realized that the site was a scam. has numerous fake id sample images stolen from the internet. The e-mail support system was inactive.”

That was a very valid point raised by our member. Most of the pictures were stolen from other fake id websites & placed as theirs on the front page. But to prove our claim, we persuaded Joshua to go ahead and order a fake identification card from their website.


Why is IDHurry Scam?

The moment Joshua placed his order with bitcoin on their website, The support stopped responding to any queries or questions.While we appreciate the hard work, IDHurry has put into their website order process to make it look professional and appalling on the other hand we value your money. Joshua reported that he knew he was screwed for almost 100 bucks & his ID never came or arrived. The website never responded to his queries or questions either.

IDHurry: Don’t trust the fake good reviews

Though IDhurry has bad reviews, but the question still arises, why do people fall for it? The answer to that is very simple. IDHurry owns review websites which are owned by him and has done Search Engine Optimization for these websites, he moderates each review on his review websites & posts good reviews about his websites on these fake id review websites. Some of these review websites are,

Now considering this strategic depth used by this scammer, consider yourself as a customer who knows nothing about how to purchase a fake drivers license online. We are almost 99.99% certain you will fall for it. We can assure you that we are working to educate customers in the market because Fraud websites like these are making it difficult for legitimate fake id vendors to survive in the market. Scam Spree

These are a list of some important links. These reviews below are based on consumers who were robbed off their hard earned money by IDHurry. Please read these & do not fall for this scam website. You have been warned.

Continuous Testing


We request members of FakeIDMan’s¬†customer base to post below if you have been a victim of’s fraud. We also encourage our customers to check a list of some of the best fake id websites & makers in our good fake id reviews base.

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4 thoughts on “ review Scam

  1. i ordered an id with them in march… still waiting to receive one I stopped waiting because i read this article… this SCAM WEBSITE!!! took my hard earned 200 dollars….

  2. i got myself tricked into this i read a review on fidreviews website but i later fund out that the website is ran itself by idhurry basically he uses it to give his website fake good reviews and people get tricked into that and buy from this fag. ID HURRY IS A SCAM! I REPEAT! ITS A SCAM! They scammed for 500 dollars for a group order i never received anything from them or any reply!

  3. These guys are scammers we placed an order 3 weeks ago and never heard anything from them… it’s a shame that they take your money and get away with it

  4. Ridiculous as it is these retards ripped me for $120 is there anyway i can report them? because posting reviews here isn’t going to stop this guy from scamming more people

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