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IDHurry – Scam artist blurs or covers ID card images from online reviews, and image searches, then claims they made them.


After getting numerous requests & reports (thank you and keep helping others) fakeidman decided to give it a shot to try & analyze  A fake id vendor to good to be true. I decided to place an order done by one of our site contributors for an Arizona id card. Waiting for over 3 months and nothing from or any reply to emails of the order status.

As Joshua reports: “The very moment I opened their website, I realized that the site was a scam. every single id card image is stolen from the internet. The e-mail support system was inactive.”

That was a very valid point raised by Joshua. All of the pictures were stolen from other fake id websites and reviews placed as Idhurry’s work on their website. To prove this claim, I persuaded Joshua to go ahead and order a fake identification card from their website. Sadly, as expected nothing arrived.


Why is IDHurry Scam?

The moment Joshua placed his order with bitcoin on their website, the support stopped responding to any queries or questions. I applaud Idhurry for the hard work searching the internet to steal images and effort put into their website order process to make it look professional. I find it appalling on the other hand for stealing money & shaking the trust legit id vendors have built up for the online fake id business. Joshua reported that he knew he was screwed for almost 100 dollars & his ID never arrived.

IDHurry: Don’t trust the fake good reviews

Though IDhurry has bad reviews, but the question still arises, why do people fall for it? The answer to that is even more crooked IDHurry owns several review websites, moderates each review, & posts good reviews about IDHurry. Some of these review websites are &

Now, considering this strategic depth used by this scammer, consider yourself as a customer who knows nothing about how to purchase a fake drivers license online. It is almost 99.99% certain you will fall for it. Fakeidman can only alert you to these crooks to educate customers in looking to just get a good id. Fraud id websites like these are making it difficult for legitimate fake id vendors to survive in the market. Scam Spree

It is Hard enough for a fake id maker to keep anonymous and protect a customers security even when the customer does not know how important that is (payment options is one huge way to protect customers from government tracking). ID makers have a bullseye on them with government trying to find them out and shut them down. The industry of making ids is difficult and based on trust. Fakeidman talks to id makers and can honestly say it is a business you must have a passion for as most would not take the risk. Even worse comes along a scam like idhurry (and many others) ruining the trust. How likely are you going to trust another website after just being ripped off from idhurry?

Continuous Testing

We request members of FakeIDMan’s¬†customer base to post below if you have been a victim of’s fraud. We also encourage our customers to check a list of some of the best fake id websites & makers in our good fake id review list.

Remember How to Spot an Obvious Fake ID Website Scam:

Do not ever order from a fake id vendor that posts blurred or covered IDs as their work it is 100% guaranteed to be a scam! Any real fake id maker can at least make a few pictures of each card they offer without the need to blur it out!

Only consider buying from ID makers that show images of their work in detail and even video.

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