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King Forge Fake ID Maker for Online Verification

When it comes to finding a genuine and quality fake ID, you will need a professional and expert company which can provide you with quality services and a fast delivery option. King Forge has been helping a lot of people get fake IDs that are 100% clone of an original ID.

King Forge is a popular fake ID making website and has put a lot of effort into designing fake IDs. It uses a simple theme with colorful and original looking images and readable fonts. There are a lot of companies that assure you about designing quality fake IDs, but they never do so because their IDs are not scannable and your money goes to waste. King Forge designs scannable and high-quality fake IDs so that you can pass the verification process easily.

Why Choose King Forge?

King Forge is a big name in the fake id niche because its cards help a lot of people achieve their goals. Following are some of the reasons that make it one of the best and most reliable fake ID makers on the web:


If you want group orders, you will be lucky to get big discounts. If you are buying just two or three fake IDs, it will cost you more, but if you want to place around 10 orders for fake IDs, you can get them for cheap. The pricing strategy varies from state to state, and the website sells only to four states in the US. The states that it sells to are North Carolina U21/O21, Illinois O21 and Florida O21. The price of fake IDs for Florida residents is $70, whether you are buying for 1 person or for 8 or more people.

Fast and Reliable Shipping

The shipping process of King Forge is very speedy. It also makes sure that the fake IDs are well protected during the shipment process. It carries out stealth shipping because the safety and security of its customers is of prime importance. Some companies do not bother to pay attention to this issue, and most of their fake ID cards are intercepted by the courier due to security purposes.

Customer Support

King Forge is known for providing a friendly and supportive customer service. The staff is always ready to answer the queries of the customers so that they are satisfied in the best way. The customer service is offered 24/7, and you can clear whatever confusion you have. The payment methods offered by King Forge are MoneyGram, Western Union, and bitcoin.

High-Quality Fake ID Cards

The cards that are designed by King Forge are reliable and scannable. These cards can easily pass the backlight test and have genuinely cloned holograms that resemble the original ones. The magnetic stripes and barcodes are also designed by a team of experts and professionals who replicate every bit of the original ID cards.

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  1. This guy is a total scam. Do not send him any money. As soon as you make the payment he’ll stop communication. TOTAL SCAM. YOU’LL NEVER GET AN ID FROM THIS WEBSITE.

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