Legitfakeid.com Review

Legit Fake ID Review

LegitFakeID: The Best Scannable Fake IDs

LegitFakeID makes the best quality scannable fake ids to make it easier for customers. It easily replicates each and every detail related to the card and makes sure it is correctly formatted including the barcodes and magnetic stripes. LegitFakeID is now a well-known name, and people rely on it as a professional and reliable ID maker. It has a team of dedicated designers who can create fake IDs from scratch. If you need premium quality and unmatched fake ID cards, you must consider its services.

Services Provided by LegitFakeID

If you want to bypass the different types of verification requirements without any difficulty, you can consider LegitFakeID as its cards go through an advanced editing process so that they match original ID cards. You can order a fake ID card easily from the website and if you are not satisfied from its services, you can get the card revised. Following are the services that are provided by LegitFakeID:

Fake ID Templates

Fake ID templates designed by the company are obtained from original licenses. Most fake ID websites make templates and cards with cheap equipment and obsolete technology and thus, those cards are not accepted by most websites. If you need online verification, you must consider a professional fake ID template provider as it will be of great help to you. There are many fake ID card providing websites, but those companies do not usually work with real licenses and ID cards and thus, they do not have any idea how to replicate original ID cards.

Fake ID Cards

Holograms and UV are replicated with 100% precision because LegitFakeID never uses low quality equipment. Many fake ID card websites use cheap hologram sleeves, which can be easily proven fake and are not useful for online verification. Original ID card printers use UV and thus, this company uses premium quality hologram laminate rolls that allow it to print perfect clones of original ID cards. LegitFakeID evaluates original licenses and encodes the fake ID cards with the same information and magnetic stripes as the real ones. The barcodes are printed accurately to be scannable and the fake ID cards are tested by many scanners to make sure they are accurate.

How to Buy Fake ID from LegitFakeID?

LegitFakeID offers one of the most convenient methods of ordering and buying fake ID cards. If you want a speedy delivery, you can benefit from the overnight shipping services too. However, normally, the shipping duration is 7 days, which is the fastest period as compared to other fake ID websites. The company offers numerous payment options to its customers so that they can make their payments easily and conveniently.

LegitFakeID offers its services to only US states and offers different packages for ordering fake IDs. You can also get a discount if you order many IDs together. However, if you are ordering express shipping, you will get an additional $75 added to the whole amount.

3 thoughts on “Legitfakeid.com Review

  1. hi i had a good experience with legit fake id… i received my fake disguised properly & within the promised time frame, which unfortunately most vendors false advertise. The quality was good & i will give it 4 out of 5 stars. The only improvement i would want is overnight shipping.

  2. hoping to get my fake from them soon i ordered an arizona state drivers license with a free duplicate during their promo can’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy!

  3. LegitFakeID is good First of ALL!…… they did not steal my funds & I was almost 100% certain that i won’t get a fake id… but the next couple of days goes by… & in the morning i check my mail and *BOOM* my new california fake drivers license is here! I was so excited because it was a perfect match & the most amazing experience was to enter my local bar without any problems! THANK YOU AGAIN! I Owe you guys !

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