Legitfakeid.com Review

Legitfakeid.com Fake ID Website Review
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LegitFakeID: The Best Scannable Fake IDs


LegitFakeID makes quality scannable fake id correctly formatted 1D/2D barcodes and magnetic stripe that beats the bouncer when the card is scanned. Legitfakeid replicates every detail of the id cards they make laser printing with polycarbonate for states that use this card material. The small pool of quality id makers only a few have laser card printers that are capable to use punched sheets of polycarbonate that heat fuse the sheets together to make the most durable id card offered. Others use teslin and replicate the security features which can be caught withe even basic training. Easiest is simply drop a card on its edge that is suppose to be printed on polycarbonate onto a hard surface. Should make a cling like a compact disk, if not it is fake. No matter where you buy fake id from make sure you know, if your state is printed on polycarbonate the fake id maker uses the same or your fake could be taken after simple drop. LegitFakeID is now a well-known name, and people rely on it as a professional and reliable ID maker. Behind Legitfakeid is a team of dedicated designers for when you need premium quality unmatched fake ID cards, you should consider their IDs.

Premium Security Features

They make passing the different security verification done on a fake id card by a bouncer up to trained eyes an easy event. Making identical UV ink designs under blacklight, to microprint under magnification, the IDs will pass even instate. When you buy fake ID cards from Legit you can expect to receive a premium card that does not lack laser engraving tactile text to laser burned cardholder images. Only a few ID makers are on this level and strive for perfection with a sense that their reputation of what is shipped out is nothing short of perfection.

Fake ID Templates

Fake ID templates are all designed by Legitfakeid  and based from real issued cards in hand. This is incredibly important that a website you buy id cards from makes their own templates. Fake ID websites have two choices.

One, buy a template. This is the worst choice as real templates sold between ID makers are not like the ones found for download online. They are much more detailed and custom tailored for the printer the site who made it uses. Selling it to another site to then make the cards for sale never results in quality. The ID maker has no idea once printed the colors match without a real issued card in possession for comparison. No way ensuring all features of the design are printing in exact placement and the list of problems goes on.

Premium fake id websites like Legitfakeid make their own templates taking the time over greed to ensure printing a high end card. Pride in their work will always show to the customer in the end. Resulting in IDs that not only passes in easy places that just glance at it to verify age, but to the most trained nightclub bouncers. With many establishments now giving monetary bonuses to staff for taking fake ids they spot. Establishment liquor licenses are on the line when it comes to IDs. State alcohol and beverage agents often make undercover attempts at getting in with fake or invalid IDs like those that look like them, but belong to another person. Staff that do not spot undercover patron cards that even basic training would give them the knowledge to detect can be fined or lose their license.

Fake ID Cards

Replicated holograms and cloned UV designs are done with 100% precision, because LegitFakeID never uses low quality ink or overlay rolls. The few other fake ID websites that deliver (especially those in the USA) can not source the materials needed. They resort to using cheap hologram sleeves that are quickly detected as fake resulting in the ID taken after the first use or shortly there after. LegitFakeID encodes each state id card they offer be it barcode and/or magnetic strip in the same format as a real issued card. After printing each card is tested on several devices to ensure it is scannable with the correct cardholder information. This ensures the day a customer receives their ID it is ready for use worry free.

How to Buy Fake ID from LegitFakeID?

Ordering is easy by submitting order forms for each fake id you want made and sending you a confirmation email with your submitted data to review for correction. Payment options are easy and safe paying by bitcoin or Amazon gift cards. They do not accept Western Union which has been shown time and time again to work with law enforcement. All ID makers are already under government watch this is just a fact. Smart makers like Legitfakeid host outside the USA in countries that do not bow down to requests for their website records such as emails. This leaves US agents to focus on payment options when the site makes a horrible choice of accepting WU a US based company. Now, agents can monitor, see every person who buys an ID, and many times go after them, if they live in the USA. Not trying to worry you, but fakeidman has watched it happen. Never pay by WU when sites like Legitfakeid place your safety over profit with anonymous payment options as it really is important. Production time is decent and fast shipping arrival times are offered. Great care is taken to hiding of cards to not be found in the rare Customs check. Lastly, took just a bit off from a full 5 stars for reviews of slow replies to emails taking up to several days to reply.

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