Legitfakeid.com Review

Legit Fake ID Review

LegitFakeID: The Best Scannable Fake IDs

LegitFakeID makes the best quality scannable fake ids to make it easier for customers. It easily replicates each and every detail related to the card and makes sure it is correctly formatted including the barcodes and magnetic stripes. LegitFakeID is now a well-known name, and people rely on it as a professional and reliable ID maker. It has a team of dedicated designers who can create fake IDs from scratch. If you need premium quality and unmatched fake ID cards, you must consider its services.

Services Provided by LegitFakeID

If you want to bypass the different types of verification requirements without any difficulty, you can consider LegitFakeID as its cards go through an advanced editing process so that they match original ID cards. You can order a fake ID card easily from the website and if you are not satisfied from its services, you can get the card revised. Following are the services that are provided by LegitFakeID:

Fake ID Templates

Fake ID templates designed by the company are obtained from original licenses. Most fake ID websites make templates and cards with cheap equipment and obsolete technology and thus, those cards are not accepted by most websites. If you need online verification, you must consider a professional fake ID template provider as it will be of great help to you. There are many fake ID card providing websites, but those companies do not usually work with real licenses and ID cards and thus, they do not have any idea how to replicate original ID cards.

Fake ID Cards

Holograms and UV are replicated with 100% precision because LegitFakeID never uses low quality equipment. Many fake ID card websites use cheap hologram sleeves, which can be easily proven fake and are not useful for online verification. Original ID card printers use UV and thus, this company uses premium quality hologram laminate rolls that allow it to print perfect clones of original ID cards. LegitFakeID evaluates original licenses and encodes the fake ID cards with the same information and magnetic stripes as the real ones. The barcodes are printed accurately to be scannable and the fake ID cards are tested by many scanners to make sure they are accurate.

How to Buy Fake ID from LegitFakeID?

LegitFakeID offers one of the most convenient methods of ordering and buying fake ID cards. If you want a speedy delivery, you can benefit from the overnight shipping services too. However, normally, the shipping duration is 7 days, which is the fastest period as compared to other fake ID websites. The company offers numerous payment options to its customers so that they can make their payments easily and conveniently.

LegitFakeID offers its services to only US states and offers different packages for ordering fake IDs. You can also get a discount if you order many IDs together. However, if you are ordering express shipping, you will get an additional $75 added to the whole amount.

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70 thoughts on “Legitfakeid.com Review

  1. hi i had a good experience with legit fake id… i received my fake disguised properly & within the promised time frame, which unfortunately most vendors false advertise. The quality was good & i will give it 4 out of 5 stars. The only improvement i would want is overnight shipping.

  2. hoping to get my fake from them soon i ordered an arizona state drivers license with a free duplicate during their promo can’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy!

      1. hi yes i got the id within 4 days passed in at two bars out of state. The id hasn’t faded and it’s been a couple of months.

  3. LegitFakeID is good First of ALL!…… they did not steal my funds & I was almost 100% certain that i won’t get a fake id… but the next couple of days goes by… & in the morning i check my mail and *BOOM* my new california fake drivers license is here! I was so excited because it was a perfect match & the most amazing experience was to enter my local bar without any problems! THANK YOU AGAIN! I Owe you guys !

  4. I have received my new york fake ID I ordered with express shipping almost 4 days ago now and I was helped with the support staff regularly, got a tracking number for my order and they respond to my inquiries about the order.. This is a good fake id site

    new york fake id

    1. How long did it take for them to send you information that it was out for delievery. And 1-5 what would you rate the fakeid

      1. 4 out of 5 and it took 4 days for me to receive it i ordered it with express delivery and they ship from china but their stealth is a beast!

    2. I am going to be ordering NY fake identification card soon… I just hope these guys do provide identity cards as well because i don’t need a Driving license

    3. Was it a good ID? Have you used it since and it has worked? I am looking to order a new york one although I do not know if they are as good as the website says they are. Thank you

  5. i ordered a fake id for ohio state and received it in time the prices are higher but you can’t ask for a better fake when you finally get your hands on it.

    The support staff was good but improvements in response time can make their sales grow i would personally rank them 9 out 10

  6. I received mine with in 4 days i used express shipping i have to admit i was being a little impatient but they kept responding through out & most importantly provided a tracking number. This site is the best fake id vendor in the market.

  7. Currently most fake id cards that are available in the market will fade with one or twice use. problem is that when low quality fake ids are swiped inside these new reader boxes they fade away because of poor quality of ink and material some will even break with bend test.
    I purchased three fakes for California state the first one i purchased from a vendor inside reddit the card was shitty and couldn’t even pass the black light or bending test but i guess that’s fair enough because i only paid 25 dollars for that id card. We as consumers go for cheap shit and do not care about quality you can’t ask for a legit product within that price range last week i tried purchasing California fake id from these guys i finally had the guts to spend 125 dollars but that is a fair price for the amount of time they took to send my card and i guess that was fair enough because the quality of the printing material ink and holograms is 100% satisfactory and i think i am going to keep this one for a long time as it won’t fade thank you guys for the great work!

  8. hi i am normally very skeptical when it comes to purchasing fakes because i have been scammed twice before. However after going through their web pages i personally found their website very professional & the samples of their fake ids had their names on it is what i mostly look for this is a sign of a legitimate fake id vendor…. so I placed an order with standard shipping hoping that i will get my id in 10 days they claimed to send it in a week but i was expecting 3+ more days because normally fake id websites false advertise as well to gain more customers.. but surprisingly my id arrived in 5 days with standard shipping as well this was surprising at first i thought the id will be of low quality but hold on! when i removed the envelope and opened the wrapped box trust me it was a shock the ID felt so real in my hands that i thought it came straight from the DMV!
    here is how it looks front and back both

    nevada fake id

    1. Has it been working good? I’m looking to buy a Nevada one too! Does it feel like authentic & does it have the Nevada state see through mark?

  9. I just order my Texas ID last night. Only worried because I didn’t got the confirmation message but hopefully they reply today. Once I get my ID I would definitely get back here for my review. I have been very skeptical about buying fakes online but I finally decided to try LegitFakeID because of the good reviews and reputation. Now I just have to wait….

    1. yes i got the id yesterday will post a detailed review later this is not the first time i have ordered from them so i know how it works

  10. Did anyone get theirs fast with rush shipping? I’m trying to get mine before May 9th and I ordered two days ago

    1. yes I got mine with in 4 days even though they promised to make it 3 but you have to note that these do not count non business days

      1. Yes they do send a tracking number after your order gets dispatched for shipment i got mine after 3 days but my order was express you may ask them if they provide tracking for standard shipped ones as well or not

  11. Just ordered my ID from LegitFakeID! REALLY hoping it all works out, & I get it! I will tell you guys if this is legit website! Xoxo

  12. i purchased a template from them this is one of those id providers that sell templates as well. Their template pricing is a bit over my budget but we negotiated…. I would like them to add some more guys to their staff otherwise they are good

      1. Yeah It was pretty quick as compared to other sellers I wouldn’t say it was 2 or 3 days but their express service nearly got mine within a time frame of 5 days and that’s very impressive imo

  13. I Got my first fake today i never ordered one online was to afraid to order one… because my parents are always home and they screw my privacy but this vendor has an amazing stealth technique here is how it looks like

  14. Best Seller for ‘Fake Drivers Licenses’ they ship from china and within the US if you use express shipping and they also give you 24 hours time to make sure that all your corrections and details are correct, if you want to get a fake id that scans this is your vendor

  15. few days ago me and my friends ordered Missouri state ids with legitfakeid we did email them before ordering !! We asked for ids that will scan instate and They assured that we will be provided Refunds in case that fails! Here’s a preview of my ID it looks real in a first glance and most bouncers will not even bother taking a second look at it


  16. I think this is one of the most important info for me. And i am glad reading your article. But wanna remark on few general things, The web site style is ideal, the articles is really excellent D. Good job, cheers begeadkgdfbf

  17. Hey need to order new California template the one that is currently issued by the DMV do these guys offer it yet? this is urgent need to get my hands on one before my birthday… Please advise!

  18. I currently am shortlisting potential vendors for a Tennessee state id card. I have used IDgod before but I am not really satisfied with their quality. It’s obvious that your card gets seized in a first look when the bouncer spots a crease in your card and that’s not only Tennessee state but every other state your order from them it has this problem.

    So I am asking for suggestions, please post anything that helps me choose the best fake id website for purchasing this drivers license.

    1. You should try one of these ‘Tennessee fake id‘ Website #1 or The ‘Tennessee fake id‘ Website #2 Although I have only used one of these the first one I would recommend the second one as well. The Ink quality of the first one is way better but the second one isn’t bad either. Are you trying to acquire an Identification card or Drivers license?

  19. I placed an order for a CT DL from them earlier today I have three questions: 1) How long do they take to respond to emails? 2) Can you pay with multiple cards? and 3) When they ask for a picture of the signed “purchase receipt” back, where do I find the purchase receipt?

    1. I got my fake today it was delayed for a couple of days the delivery was to a P.O Box address probably that’s one of the reason why the delay occurred in the first place.

      The ID looks good and scans in-state there is a difference in the physical appearance of the one i got from them and the one i purchased from idgod another vendor. The IDgod’s lamination is so poor and makes it an apparent case for felony of possession of a fake documentation if you ever visit any in-state bar or club with this.
      Legit’s id is decent and scans the lamination is accurate and moreover, the only reason I went for their id was that they would print it on a material that allows bending test without leaving any smudges or cracks in the ID card’s surface and that’s what exactly you get. Overall, I would rate it 8 out of 10 stars. I would’ve given them 9 but i am deducting one because of my 2 days delay in shipping.


      1. What ended up being the pictured of the signed purchase receipt? I’m confused about that too in the confirmation email.

    1. It is good but for the newer look, they are currently giving group discount on the newly issued CA 2018 license.

  20. I ordered with them 7 days ago and received yesterday there was a 24 hours delay of what time they promised to deliver within, however, the id is in good shape and satisfied with the purchase.

  21. I ordered a New York state license with this seller. It took me a few days to submit my group order, their id pricing is way higher than other sellers but when i received my order i take a look at their ids and you will not even appreciate their work but may want to pay more if you realize the quality is of a very professional level. Took them 8 days with standard shipping to process and get us our fakes delivered.
    The UV ink is of spectacular quality could not ask for more. I would like to have the OVI brightness faded a bit because they were a bit more brighter than required otherwise no complains. The IDs are scanning the shit out of the scanning devices and so far no problems in-state will update for more 😉 Thank you guys! for this awesome tricky id.

    IMAGES: new-york-fake-id

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