LegitFakeID.com Texas ID card Review

Review of LegitFakeID’s Texas Fake Drivers License:

Our team has been waiting to get a decent fake license for Texas, for years we have been trying to obtain the best texas fake id in the market. When we heard about legitfakeid.com starting to offer Texas id cards we decided to give it a try. First of all, their reviews had been quite positive & the samples that they show on their website were appalling, so we decided to order one for our team member.

                                                       FakeIDMan’s critical review points

As a critic we take even the most minute security features seriously, we know that it won’t matter to most people but to value your money & our blog’s professional status in the market it is necessary that we only recommend vendors who deserve to be placed on highly esteemed trusted best fake id list. Below we will discuss all these critical minute security features & flaws.

LegitFakeID.com Fake ID Order process:

One of our team members placed their order using their order form. It was simple to use & to be honest the support staff guides you with your beginner questions which you can rarely find considering most id vendors are located in China. The order was placed for a Texas drivers license, we paid a total of 200 considering that they charge 120 for a normal standard shipped ID card which approximately arrives within 10-12 business days as compared to their express shipping service which charges 80$ extra for an overnight delivery.

To make it short & to the point, The ID card arrived within 4 days after we placed an express order with them. It will easily pass customs because the enveloping was very clever as long as you have an excuse as to why you receive international mail, you will not have any problems with their shipping, Now let’s review it.

The left one is my fake that I ordered while the right one is my real one. As you can see, there is not much difference & the template is spot on. You can’t tell which one is real & which one is fake at first glance. The color scheme of the template will match accurately with the real one making it a perfect replica.

Template Replication & Scannable Features:

We provided them with this photo to use it on the license. The photo had a white background as we asked them before sending a photo but their FAQ page suggested we do not have to use a specific background, as they will most likely photoshop the existing background to the required specifications.

After providing them this photo, they infused it on the ID card with a blue background as it is required for a good Texas id card. The result was epic & here it is a blue background photoshopped version of our photo on their texas ID card.

This is by far the best photoshop & background editing we have encountered in the market. The driving licenses available in the market with a price of 30-40 dollars are most likely to be caught at a first glance because they use low-quality photoshop editing, most will never care about editing the background and blame the customer for providing a distorted or false background picture.

Now here’s another example of this beauty, the raised laser engraving text deserves to be mentioned here. Our team reported that this ID card passed at a couple of bars out of state because the bouncers spotted raised printing on the ID card and checked it on the way.

There is also another aspect to creating great fake ids. We need not ignore that the back of the license is as important as the front. Many fake id review websites will spend time on reviewing the front template & features of the license but they mostly ignore that the main aspect of the fake id card is whether it has a quality back as well. We personally reviewed the back LegitFakeID provided with their Texas fake ID.

The barcodes were scannable as we checked it through a reader we have to test ID cards. The text on the back where it needed was bold. This ID card has a crisp feeling that you usually feel when holding a real id. Fields such as DOB were raised. Overall, they dedicated a lot of work on creating this masterpiece where each minute micro printing feature is almost precise. In short, this is by far the Best Fake ID state in the current market & we will rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

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8 thoughts on “LegitFakeID.com Texas ID card Review

  1. great article & review! can’t ask for anything more than comparing features of a real id to the novelty replica that you guys have put

  2. just to mention here that i ordered maine from these guys and it was of similar quality. texas is not the only state that they make there is many others but texas is one of the best

      1. took a week i think maybe 8 days but i used standard shipping they do have express option for people that can afford it for quick delivery the ids are of same quality

  3. Is it ok if I take a photo with iPhone 8 with non blueish background? in the photo that you have uploaded the background of the image is grey but in the ID it looks blue if they can edit that and do the same to my photo it will be great otherwise, i will try to get a passport size photo from walmart with a blue background please advise, thx

    1. You do not have to worry about background they will help you up with that 😉 when you get your id you won’t even notice the slightest of changes in your photo their photoshop team is bad ass

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