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The word “Premium” is now a sticky term when used with a fake id. It is a fact that a novelty ID that does not have the required appearance of a real license is useless. Among the young students & beginner drinkers an ID which does not scan is way dangerous. In short, The website “” is one brand that has remained the innovating company in the forgeries business. In the early 2010, there was only one vendor that produced ID cards worth buying and, Premium Fakes was the provider. It is a general notion that the Reddit “/R/Fakeid” listed some of the best ID websites during its seven year period where selling and, buying novelty IDs was legal on the social media platform.

After the channel shutdown, The “India” located vendor took a brief pause for 2 years & now they have restarted their services with a booming collection of new templates that no other website is currently offering. The amazing features of their IDs is that they easily replicate new features that comes in the newly designed DMV licenses such as the Florida (OVD) image of the person as a hologram which appears under Ultraviolet light. They are also believed to be pioneers of introducing Metallic Layer Insignia (MLi) into fake id cards in the past years.

We made an order of New California with them. The boat and, the other elements in ultraviolet are some of the hardest to resemble a real CA license. In short, the ID works fine in Sacramento for our member.

The holograms are also accurate. The best part is the signature and, the laser-perforations. If you look at their holes & then compare them to the actual California Driver’s license you will see that they have been carefully resembled to the actual license. Even the direction & magnitude of their printing elements are so good that you will not notice any error. Such precision and, flawless ID for a hundred bucks is a piece of cake. Below are some of the images you can see of how it looks:

Even though all this sounds too good, there is still a concern on our end as to how their IDs will work in a real scenario. There have been numerous applications installed in various States where you can hardly bypass the ID validating scanners because of the new technology that surrounds by checking multiple elements. We ordered multiple ID cards from this vendor & some of the hard-to-do elements in their driving licenses surprised our members.

Moreover, It is only website that offers fake id cards where you can choose between a Driver’s license and, a state ID. We know that not many services are known to be producing both. The templates that are required to print state IDs and, DL both differ in colors if not in features. For a website to keep both updated it is very difficult to do so.

We also come to know that “Premium Fakes” has shifted their printing and, shipping location from India to China. Upon contact, they told us that it was easy for them to avail each security safeguard and, printing equipment in China rather than in India. While they believe that it is still a concern on disguising packages which bypass the US customs because of the stern scanning that packages from China goes through. However, they keep changing their discreet methods from using different types of Shipping methods and, disguising their IDs in well enveloped packages.


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