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Screenshot of website Bogusbraxtor.comMaking a wide variety of the best state fake ids for 6 years now. has earned the respected title as a go-to site for fake id cards. Bogusbraxtor shines when it comes to customer service and reliable fast delivery from China.

Why Choose Bogusbraxtor?

Bogusbraxtor has a solid reputation and when it comes to how long a fake id maker has been in business this matters.

Ask yourself, if it came down to two fake id websites. Do you go with the website that has been in business for 6 months or 6 years? The longer a website has been in business the more verification you can find researching the reputation.

Quality Fake ID Standards

Fake ID MakerBogusbraxtor makes quality fake ids priority number one. Fakeidman has resold for this id maker and can attest to the quality first hand.

From experience I suggest you use their online signature maker as opposed to uploading a signature image of your own. Having done both ways I can say that is the way to go for the most authentic looking signature.

Also, remember id makers like Bogusbraxtor producing flawless id cards that pass instate are based on you holding up your end. What is your end? Supplying a flawless cardholder image and I urge you to read their tutorial detailing how to do so. During Fakeidman’s interview with Bogusbraxtor it was made clear the cardholder image can make or break its pass-ability.

In summery read their guide and upload a quality cardholder image. You will receive a scannable fake id that will pass for getting into any bar or buying alcohol.

Premium Scannable Fake ID Cards

California fake id card made by BogusbraxtorBogusbraxtor without a doubt makes a scannable fake id that is identical to real in quality. Very important to point out for real issued ids that are printed on polycarbonate, so too does Bogusbraxtor.

Fakeidman has pointed out in other reviews just how critical this is. It is so very easy to detect a card that should be made on polycarbonate and is not.

Fakeidman will write a separate article on this, so readers can know just how important this is. Many security features can not be even replicated correctly that are found specifically on polycarbonate id cards. One quick example is laser heating the carbon in the polycarbonate to raise the text for a genuine tactile feature.

UV designs on the fake ids Bogusbraxtor makes that I have purchased were examined closely under black light. For most I only had the barbook, but for several I had a real issue to use for comparison. The detail of the more intricate state designs I spent the most time inspecting and they glow truly identical vs real.

When Fakeidman spoke to Bogusbraxtor for this review I was awaiting a reseller group order to arrive. Bogusbraxtor took the time to reveal several “unknown” design facts and features about the New York licenses I ordered. Moreover, when I checked the real issued and the fake ids they made me the features were present. Not to mention these features are not mentioned in the barbook or anywhere online. All things considered this was an important insight of quality detail.

Fake ID Card Affordability

Bogusbraxtor has some great group discounts based on the state and amount ordered. Keep in mind you do not have to order the state you live in. Many argue it is smarter not to and there is a good case to be made for this belief. At best a bouncer will know the state he resides in and maybe partially decent in knowledge of surrounding states.

To think a bouncer has mastered the details of every state license and identification is laughable. Do you think a doorman in California has an accurate detailed memory of the security features on a New York license? The only option would be to consult the barbook, if the establishment even has one. The barbook is notoriously generic! Only providing at best brief descriptions of prominent features that any genuine id maker will have made spot on.

Fakeidman is not trying to sell you on buying an out of state fake id. However, if your group is working with a budget this is a good option to buy great fake ids from Bogusbraxtor. Something you might not of considered before until now.

Fast and Reliable Shipping

Shipping times vary

Comparability to other fake id websites making and shipping times are decent. However, Fakeidman must say as with all genuine id makers times can take longer than advertised.

As a reseller on many occasions buying from Bogusbraxtor from the time of payment until delivery has varied from the 2-3 weeks they state as the average delivery time. From under 2 weeks and as long as 5 weeks has been Fakeidman’s experience. Yes, this does not help you the reader. However, the key is patience and knowing your order is in the hands of a genuine id maker that will come through.

The express option

Colorado fake id card made by Bogusbraxtor.Bogusbraxtor does offer an express service as some other genuine id makers. Not the blatant easy to spot fraud express schemes of promised arrival in just a few days. Designed to grab more of your money as this is their only chance.

Fakeidman is talking about Bogusbraxtor express service assigning your order to dedicated id makers that only do express orders. Think of it like the fast pass at an amusement park. Might be a small wait, but nothing like the normal line. Every time I put in a reseller order with express is when it arrived right around 2 weeks.

Customer Support

Out of all the fake id maker websites Fakeidman has dealt with Bogusbraxtor is near, if not the top for customer service. Several times Fakeiman needed changes for one reason or another to orders placed. Opening a support ticket always got it done fast.

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