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New York and Massachusetts Fake IDs
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Becoming a successful fake id reseller started in my first year of college. Just like anyone under 21 I wanted a fake id too. I knew my dorm roommate had a fake id and said he bought from idgod.com. Looking over his card which was an out of state fake id. Overall with nothing in hand to compare the fake id too I relied on online images for comparison. All in all from what I could tell it looked good.

I searched online myself looking at other id makers and reviews. Found this to be of no help. I was smart enough to see a pattern of clear review site agendas that promoted id makers and concluded review site ownership was that of the fake id makers.

In conclusion I was not willing to gamble with my money when I already knew Idgod delivers. Comparatively from what I could tell were good made fakes and decided to place my order with them.


Making the decision to be a fake id reseller

Selling Fake ID After I placed my order I browsed the questions page where I saw a question about making “huge” money as a reseller. Not coming from a wealthy family I thought about how hard my parents were working to pay for my education. That my college experience consisted of classes and my job as a waiter taking every shift I could. Moreover this was going to be my life for years to come. As I thought about it I actually started to feel depressed. I decided after contemplating the risk which is next to nothing as I explain below, so I was going to give it a go.

Picking the fake id maker

Fake ID MakerThis is all common sense, if your product is good customers will recommend you to others. This proved to be the single most important factor as once you get started word of mouth is everything. In the beginning I tested out doing small group orders from a handful of id makers. I learned quickly that while all id makers say they are the best their quality does vary. One group I had put together of 6 for one fake id maker I was testing the ids they made in all honesty sucked. I could not get even one out of the six to pay anything for their id. This was a learning lesson, if they buyer does not think it will work after looking at their fake id they will not buy it at any price.

I ended up sticking with Idgod who I thought made the best ids. This is not a promotion for any id maker at all and encourage you to test the legit id makers out there. With your first order I do recommend buying one and not a group, so if the quality is not up to par your loss is minimal.

How much money can you selling fake ids

Fake ID Buyers

The all important question. I made an agreement with the id maker that if I could bring them 20 orders a week my cost would be $65 dollars each with a duplicate. I found it easy to charge $150-$200 reselling. When you do the math at a minimum profit of $85 x 20 = $1,700 cash a week profit. After I started selling and my customers got their ids this is where the word of mouth started to kick in. I averaged $5,000 a week cash profit in my pocket.

Buy Fake ID Reseller Make Money In a year and a half I made enough to cover all 4 years of college. After deducting for tuition and other mandatory expenses. With under 2 years left of college and made a budget of what I could spend a month (food/drink/clothes/fun). I tried to be smart, not greedy, and retire from reselling.

I was upfront with my parents on how I was making a living as we always had a great relationship. While not thrilled they are very cool parents and were pretty much in disbelief. Nothing in my entire life felt better than handing them an envelope repaying all money to date since I started college and telling them I would not need money again. I was never expected to pay it back, but I knew the only reason my mom was still working was the extra income was needed to pay for my college and now she could enjoy life.

What is the risk reselling fake ids

Fake ID LawOverall my foremost concern was risk vs reward. What happens if I get caught? I did much research into this and concluded it is was next to zero as I will explain.

  • Not making the ids
  • You are not using ids to commit identity theft
  • You are in possession of fake identification cards. Same as 22 million+ other people residing in the USA illegally. In fact sanctuary cities the possession of fake identity cards are on the non prosecutable list. Law enforcement does not even respond to calls regarding fake ids. Look it up for yourself on Google.


Group Of Fake IDs
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Researching possession of fake identification cards the penalties vary depending on the state you reside, if you actually were to be charged. I am not a lawyer and likewise do not pretend to be one online. However, all things considered it was evident the worst I would be facing was a fine. For me that was a risk I was willing to take.

Fake ID Teaching

Fakeidman does review fake id makers, but I do not play favorites for any legit site. Contacting me asking who to use I will tell you just that.

However, if you have any other questions you can contact me and I will be happy to give you tips or advice. In summary no risk equals no reward and at the end of the day you only live once. For those that become a fake id reseller good luck and make that money!