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Oldest fake id site online Fake ID Website ScreenshotFake id site review for the real real could be just the following sentence. Hands down making the best scannable ids for over 18 years! However, let Fakeidman explain how the website earned the reputation as the most famous fake id card maker online.

The name “Idgod” is synonymous with fake id. Likewise, known across every college campus in the United States as the best go-to website for fake ids.

Unfortunately, fraudsters register closely named domains of reputable id maker sites. has been the main target of this deplorable scheme with countless domains with the word idgod in it.

Fraudsters hope you find their fake Id god domain before you find the real Idgod at Be it idgod-dot-some-extension, using dashes in the URL, or including the keyword “fake”. In short any other site using the words ‘id god‘ in the domain name Fakeidman can assure you is a fraud.

How do we even know is the real Idgod?

Common sense is .com is always the first chosen domain extension above all others.

However, to double check you can do a WHOIS search as Fakeidman did. Doing a WHOIS proved In fact was registered 18 years ago in 2004.

Additionally, Idgod’s Twitter account was registered over a decade ago. Due to Idgods business model of keeping a low profile they never posted. Then came the flood of pretend IDGod websites and in 2019 they started a campaign to spread the word about the imposters.

Over 18 years of selling fake id compared to the scams which have been registered from several months to just a few years. All the while scamming off of Idgod’s reputable name, if one is unlucky enough to find them online first.

Two indisputable facts:

  • The real Idgod at was registered in 2004.
  • is the oldest fake id maker online by many years.

Legitimate id makers never clone their website name to resemble another id makers name to confuse buyers. All genuine id makers try to make a distinctive name and build their own reputation.

The id card market online is all about trust. has focused on earning this trust for many years and built a business that is almost all word of mouth. Issue is when you ask a friend where they got their fake id from and they say “Idgod”. Not thinking to include the .com which is now crucial to avoid the impersonating frauds which hope you will find them before

Why Choose the fake ID maker Idgod?

What has made the real the most popular name in fake ids is simply the quality. For example Idgod was the first to bring to market the new Real ID Act compliant style fake Florida driver license. Moreover, the Florida license is printed correctly on polycarbonate which is paramount as detailed below.

The issue is polycarbonate sheets are regulated in the USA same as the particular paper used to print currency. Only several companies in the USA are licensed to make polycarbonate sheets used specifically in printing id cards. In order to purchase the sheets the company must fill out an application and be thoroughly vetted with the government.

When you know the above facts it is laughable when you come across some pretend fake id maker bragging they are in the USA and thus you will not need to worry about Customs. They are correct because they ship nothing at all, so it is true you have nothing to worry about as you will never receive anything.

Amazing how just a small amount of research can go so far. By the same token is in China where there are no restrictions on the sale of polycarbonate sheets. Idgod knew the new changes to the card material were coming a year prior to the new styles being issued. Proactively making large investments in new printers and supplies to retain the title of the best made fake ids online.

Idgod vs other id makers?

While Idgod declined to provide Fakeidman any financial figures regarding the cost of the equipment upgrade. Fakeidman did spend several hours researching the prices to purchase at least two polycarbonate card printers with laser engraving, perforation capabilities, software, etc.

Was shocking to discover it is not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of dollars for this upgrade. It is fair to conclude due to this high price tag as explained below is the reason other id makers have not and maybe never will make the necessary equipment investments.

While some id makers offer the new real id style ids they hide disclosing what material they use to print the cards on and some even outright lie.

First, it is easy for any doorman to detect an identification card as fake that should be made of polycarbonate material, but is not.

Second, when not printed on polycarbonate and the card is dropped landing on its edge will make a cling like a DVD disc. In fact currently all US identification cards are printed on teslin, polycarbonate, or a blended composite.

Furthermore it is of vital importance for you to know for sure what the id maker uses before you buy. With there is no guess work. Correct material and an identical to real fake id is what you will get.

Quality Standards?

New York fake id card made by idgod.Generally speaking Fakeidman pretty much covered the quality standards above. In any event more in depth details can be elaborated on such as all ids made by Idgod do pass instate. Meaning for example you can buy a California fake id, use it in California, and it will pass when checked at a bar, or night club.

Without doubt Idgod prides itself on the quality of the scannable cards they produce. During Fakeidmans online chat with Idgod they made an interesting comment. Idgod stated that several of their supplies are from the same source used in making the majority US state cards. Without being specific they eluded to the UV and OV ink in particularly.

Again, Fakeidman set out to fact check this. It is in fact true one company in the USA holds the contracts to make 42 states identifications for the respective state DMVs. This company does in fact source their inks from one supplier in the USA who in turn imports the inks from China. While Fakeidman can not verify for certain it may be very well true your Idgod fake id card has the identical ink used on the real issued license.


Pricing for IDGod fake ids are very comparative to other genuine sites. They accept various payment methods from gift cards to Bitcoin. Also, Idgod does offer discounts for group and larger orders.

Fakeidman feels it is worth mentioning part of the online conversation with Idgod regarding pricing. I asked why they slashed their pricing in 2018 by half. In light of prior to this price cut Idgod was the highest priced id maker online. In reply Idgod pointed to their production costs as the justification for the prior card pricing. Equipment upgrades and the continuing cost of polycarbonate sheets and composite card material are very costly.

Additionally, due to the flood of faker no id makers online that make nothing and set fairy tail prices ($30-$60) to try and lure in buyers was another prime reason.

Example that sets Idgod apart from other fake id sites?

Idgod explained how disheartening it is receiving emails from customers who were duped by faker no id makers. Reading daily emails how a persons plans or vacation was ruined by the fakers. Idgod admitted for this reason they started in the id card making business. In the same way they too long ago were duped several times over.

In conclusion they decided to slash their pricing and thus profit margin. Done solely to prevent more from being duped because they lack a friends recommendation and blindly searching online for a fake id. Many end up duped falling for the fantasy pricing. Fakeidman can honestly say that is the most solid action ever taken by an id maker.

Should be common sense when buying custom made products of any kind that you truly get what you pay for. When you want premium quality it is not to be done on the cheap! Consequently many fall for the faker no id makers and fairy tale pricing.

Fast and Reliable Shipping?

The shipping process of Idgod is good and ultra stealth. For any genuine id maker wait times always very from 2-4 weeks. Idgod does offer an express service for an extra fee which puts you in “front of the line”. Keep in mind this too can get a bit backed up according to Idgod.

Fakeidman would only recommend paying for the express option, if time is truly of the essence. For example, when current wait time is 4 weeks for delivery express can cut arrival time down to 2 weeks. Regardless of waiting an extra week or two it is worth it from Idgod. Scannable fake id that is made correctly with polycarbonate nothing else can compare.

Customer Support?

Fakeidman can confirm does employ a true 24/7 customer service team in shifts. They do have a contact form on their website and the replies are pretty fast some within an hour. Customer service was very helpful when I posed as a customer asking semi dumb questions. Also, when placing several group orders for resell they responded effectively.

Fake id maker Idgod does ask that you register an account upon ordering. After ordering you can return to log back into your customer account for order status updates.

High Quality Fake ID Cards?

Real Idgod does have numerous glowing real news articles with many listed links on their “About Us” page. Fakeidman having ordered from Idgod can say the ids are nothing short of perfect tens. The only complaints are small issues regarding a few newly released ids in the past. One can assume it is not possible for them in China to test prior to sale. However any feedback issues they do quickly address and send remakes, unlike some other makers.

Lastly, they do have a policy that is unknown to most. At times for whatever reason be it a equipment failure or issues with materials or supplies. The policy is to provide a free temporary substitute until the chosen id is back into production.

Fakeidman does not know of another site that goes this extra mile. Normally you end up waiting months until the id maker can make the card ordered again which Fakeidman has experienced in the past.

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